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Accomplished Washington D.C. Area Government Relations Attorney Gives Businesses a Voice

Skilled lobbyist represents organizations in the Washington D.C. area

Congress, state legislatures and government agencies often mean well when they draft laws and impose regulations. But politicians don’t always understand or consider real-world factors when proposing or supporting bills. As a result, their actions may hurt commerce or society in unanticipated ways. For this reason, it is important to give your business or organization a voice in legislative and administrative decisions. As a lawyer-lobbyist at Law Offices of Robert M. Jackson, I represent organizations across all levels of government. I work hard to advocate on your behalf and to make sure your concerns are heard by policymakers.

Experienced advocate creates channels of communication at all levels of government

I understand that government agencies of all sizes and at all levels are capable of creating opportunities and impediments that affect your business. The many types of regulatory and legislative bodies I deal with include:

  • Town zoning boards
  • Planning commissions
  • Environmental regulators on the state and federal levels
  • Financial regulators including SEC, FINRA, FDIC, CFTC and the Federal Reserve
  • State legislatures
  • U.S. Senate and House of Representatives
  • Executive Branch agencies such as the USDA, the Interior Department, DOE, HUD and DOT

This list is by no means exhaustive. At Law Offices of Robert M. Jackson, I have the experience to represent your organization’s interests in front of any administrative or regulatory group.

Determined representative pursues your goals and prevents interference

On your behalf, I strive to educate governing bodies on the burdens that regulations and other public policy decisions place on businesses, and the ways in which those decisions affect your progress and prosperity. My firm provides regulators and legislators with the context they need to make informed decisions through personal meetings and informational documents. Committed to an ethical approach in my practice, I take the time to make your case without alienating influential parties. I work to establish long-lasting relationships with the people who make decisions affecting your organization’s ability to pursue and achieve its goals. In any area of the law and across a broad spectrum of industries, I help clients solve the governmental challenges that threaten their interests.

Contact a credible Washington D.C. area government relations law firm

When legislation or regulation threatens your business goals, retain a lawyer-lobbyist with the experience to carry your concerns to the halls of government. At Law Offices of Robert M. Jackson, I help businesses and other organizations educate government officials on the value of your group’s interests and the possible consequences of their actions. Call my office today at 240-552-9671 or contact me online to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

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